Trial version (demo-like package):

  • It is prepared in such a way that the user has insight into the design, functions, and options of the software.
  • It is not for the calculation of any dosimetry data other than the one provided with the software’s trial version. The trial version of the software operates only on the DICOM files attached.
  • Some functions and options are switched off and are inactive in this version.

The following main options are turned off in the trial version:

  • In the Calibration Workspace: calculation of brachytherapy calibration; calculation of depth dose calibration; exporting files; exporting files to the calibration database; the use of brachytherapy database; calculation of dose vs. distance for the brachytherapy calibration.
  • In the GDDD Workspace: calculation of 3D cube (*.vec file); calculation of dose distribution after application of a calibration equation is possible but only the linear calibration is available.
  • In the Calibration Curve Summary Table (CST): this database is switched off.
  • In the Gel dosimetry vs. TPS Workspace: calculation of gamma index; calculation of gamma angle; calculation of histograms; comparison of isodoses for two datasets; exports of files; view files: plane 3D and 3D views.

Please be aware that you may see the software in operation by watching the movies presenting the polyGeVero® software’s functions on the GeVero Co. web site.


The license for the trial version expires 14 days after it has been installed, however, it can be renewed one time.



In order to install the trial polyGeVero please follow these steps:


  1. Download the trial polyGeVero: select the below option: “Send me a link to download installation package”. You will be sent a link to your e-mail account for downloading the trial polyGeVero.
  2. Initiate this link. You will download:
    - installation package,
    - license agreement,
    - readme file with the installation instructions,
    - DICOMs files that are read by the trial polyGeVero,
    - short operation instructions for the trial polyGeVero.
  3. Install the trial polyGeVero on your computer.
  4. Launch the trial polyGeVero. Upon the initiation of the software, you will be asked for a license. Now you should create it and save in a secure location on your computer.
  5. Validate the license. Connect again with
  6. Choose this option: ”I have installation package already and need a license to be signed
  7. Select the license you created. This license will be stamped (validated).
  8. Save the validated license in a secure location on your computer.
  9. Launch the installed trial polyGeVero. You will be asked for a license. Indicate the validated license.

Please search for the DICOMs for the trial polyGeVero on your computer: C:/Program files/GeVero Co/polyGeVero/Files


Full version:

  1. All functions are active.

  2. If you decide to purchase the full version, you will receive the complete software.

  3. There is no expiry on using the software purchased.

  4. Contact the Company for a sales quotation.




  • The polyGeVero® software is now compatible with VISTATM Cone Beam Optical Scanner of Modus Medical Devices Inc., Canada.

    The software has been adapted to the output 3D matrix of this scanner.


    Note (2015-06-18):

           - for a specific time period

           - without a time limit!


  • Note (2015.06.18): This version of the polyGeVero software package has been expanded by the addition of two functionalities: 
  1. Remapping: recalculation of the resolution of either TPS or 3D dosimetry data using the linear equation
  2. Local gamma index and local gamma angle calculation (apart from the global gamma index/gamma angle calculation)


     Note (2018-04-18):

  • We drop down the prices!
  • 30% discount on polyGeVero is now available!


      Note (2018-04-19):

  • If you like to try the full version of the software, contact us, please.

  • Free of charge 10-day license is now available


      Note (2018-06-14):

  • An upgrade of polyGeVero has been prepared. It includes:


    1. an option for rotation by an angle of a 3D dose matrix in Dose Distribution vs. Treatment Planning System Workspace

    2. displaying Leksell gamma knife TPS RTDose files

    3. some ameliorations in the general functioning of the software


Select license file to stamp: