GeVero Co.


Street: Tansmana 2/11
Post code: 92-548

City: Lodz
Country: Poland

Phone: +48 792 699 260

Tax Identification Number (NIP): 7162269629

EU Tax Identification Number: PL 7162269629
National Official Register of Business Entities (REGON): 101431265

Selling policy


When you decide to purchase a product:

  • Please write an e-mail to for a sales quote.

Delivery: In the case of the software license, it is usually the day the payment was settled. In case of other items, the delivery depends on their number and it is specified in a selling offer.


Bank account number (EUR):


IBAN: PL 71 1240 1545 1978 0010 2690 1195


Subject lines: Please insert a selling offer number