Multi vials calibration phantom: item catalogue number: PH-4-MLT

Recent design - see the photographs above.



Length: 220 mm

Cross-section: 20x20 mm2

Inner diameter of the main part available for irradiation: ~18 mm

Length available for irradiation: 140 mm


Polymer gel volume: ~25 cm3


Some features of the phantom:


- Phantoms (new design) equipped with a pressure-compensating valve*.

- Very easy to operate.

- Very easy to clean.

- For multiple use.

- The construction enables tight closure and the separation of a polymer gel dosimeter composition from oxygen.

- Transparent walls for observation of the irradiation effects in a polymer gel dosimeter.

- They are made of plastic. They can be scanned with MRI, CT or OCT.

- Due to their dimensions they can be inserted into some other phantoms used in radiotherapy dosimetry, e.g., I'mRT Phantom of Iba Dosimetry or MultiPlugof Sun Nuclear Corporation.


*The pressure-compensating valve has been designed to compensate for changes of pressure inside a polymer gel dosimeter during and after the filling up of the phantoms, as well as during solidification of the gel dosimeter. Some polymer gel might shrink slightly during the solidification, storage or under ionising irradiation. The valve is intended to improve the performance of the dosimeters. The valve can be filled with an inert gas before or after the filling up of the phantom with a gel dosimeter composition (not obligatory). It can also be dismantled, if pressure compensation is not necessary.



A hint

The phantom is designed for external beam irradiation. It is typically irradiated with two bands of different doses. Therefore, for example, with 10 phantoms one can obtain 20 calibration points. In order to calculate the Multi vial calibration curve, the user should have several calibration phatoms irradiated and scanned with their chosen scanning technique: MRI, CT, OCT or Ultrasonography. Scanning should be performed either along or across the longer axis of the calibration phantom in planes that include the regions of the irradiated gel dosimeter and maximal absorbed doses for a region. The calculation of the calibration curve and calibration equation can be performed with the aid of the polyGeVero®software (item catalogue number: S-2POLY-1).